ICYMI—Hagerty Joins Kudlow to Discuss Biden Mass Amnesty Executive Order, Crisis at Southern Border

June 20, 2024

WASHINGTON -United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) yesterday joined Kudlow on Fox Business to discuss the Biden Administration’s Executive Order to expand parole in place and the consequences of President Joe Biden’s wide-open southern border.

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on Biden’s Mass Amnesty Executive Order: “You know, this is a topic that Biden continues to focus on. He is so wrongheaded on it, and he fails to read the American public. He’s moving in the exact wrong direction. The American public want these people deported by a long shot. CNN reported that this was a move by the Biden Administration to buy votes in places like Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. Well, he needs to look at the Hispanic communities. They’re increasingly going for President Trump. The Hispanics are voting for President Trump because it’s their communities that are being attacked right now. They’re under siege. And when you hear about these gruesome attacks – the woman from north of Baltimore, the mother of five who was just murdered, these sorts of stories are on the headlines every day. Eight suspected terrorists from Tajikistan with ties to ISIS coming into the country. The last thing Joe Biden should be doing is creating even more incentives for people to enter our country illegally. That’s precisely what he’s doing here.”

Hagerty on Hispanic support for mass deportation: “It’s no surprise because it’s their communities that are being fraught with crime. That’s where these people are going, obviously. This is why they’re going with President Trump in droves. I think President Trump’s going to see a landslide of Hispanic voters, of black voters come this election season. It’s starting very, very soon, and the tide is moving away from Joe Biden. This is a move of desperation that he’s done today. Again, it’s a last-minute attempt to vote buy, like he’s done with student loan forgiveness, you name it. But these vote buying efforts are very thinly veiled. They’re going to backfire just like everything else he’s tried.”