Hagerty Votes to Confirm Blinken as Secretary of State

January 26, 2021

WASHINGTON – United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today voted to confirm Antony Blinken as Secretary of State.

“As the former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, I understand the importance of having a competent, empowered, and level-headed Secretary of State,” said Senator Hagerty. “While Antony Blinken and I will not agree on everything, he is qualified to represent the United States and our interests abroad. Blinken has publicly asserted that ‘President Trump was right in taking a tougher approach to China.’ Although Blinken disagrees with some of the Trump Administration’s tactics, he acknowledged ‘the basic principle was the right one, and I think that’s actually helpful to our foreign policy.’

“I recently discussed with Blinken the importance of countering China’s growing threats, securing American and international 5G networks against Huawei and other untrusted foreign actors, and staying strong and clear-eyed on growing nuclear dangers from Iran and North Korea. In addition, we discussed those Tennesseans who remain in jeopardy around the globe, and I urged Blinken to act swiftly in these cases. Blinken understands my concerns, particularly with respect to Tennesseans abroad, and he is clear on my priorities for the United States on the world stage. I will work every day to ensure that he and the State Department remain accountable for keeping these issues as top priorities.”