ICYMI— Hagerty Joins The Brian Kilmeade Show to Talk Impeachment, Biden Immigration Agenda

February 10, 2021

WASHINGTON – United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) joined Brian Kilmeade on The Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the impeachment trial in the Senate, as well as President Joe Biden’s immigration policies that are hurting American workers and making our country less safe.

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Partial Transcript below:

Sen. Hagerty on impeachment trial: “This whole process is not good for America. As I voted last night, I don’t believe it’s constitutional. We’re going through this political charade, not to try to convict a President. The president’s already out of office now. The remedy that’s called for is removal. As you said, he’s in Mar-a-Lago right now. There are plenty of laws to deal with private citizens, and I’m not aware of any former president being charged on any of those laws. This is really an effort to humiliate former President Trump and to humiliate the 74 million people who voted for him. They’re trying to censor us, they’re trying to silence us and they’re trying to force conformity […] The overall thesis, I think coming from Democrats’ side: ‘Let’s inflame this, let’s use this to humiliate, let’s use this to silence those 74 million people voted for Trump.’”

Sen. Hagerty on Democrats’ plan: “The Democrats have a plan, their plan is to humiliate and embarrass the Republican voters that supported President Trump… I condemned the violence the moment it happened at the Capitol; I have not heard any of my colleagues not condemn it. I’m not standing up for that at all. What I’m standing up for is the Constitution and that it doesn’t apply in this situation.”

Sen. Hagerty on unconstitutional process: “I think that is a tremendous amount of emotion around all of that, and you’ve seen the media fanning this emotion tremendously. What I think you’ll see is a lot of people like me who are going to look at this from a very clear eye perspective and say the process itself is unconstitutional and therefore they’re pushing for remedies that can’t be delivered. You can’t remove a person that’s already out of office.”

Sen. Hagerty on how Tennesseans feel: “You know, I’m from Tennessee, a flyover state. We have many citizens in Tennessee who felt forgotten and left out because of the elite perspective of those on the coast. And what they had in President Trump somebody who was willing to stand up and fight for them. It was an inspiration for me to serve in his administration and to come on to serve in the Senate.”

Sen. Hagerty on the Biden Admin’s anti-American worker immigration agenda: “If you take a look at what President Biden is doing— again, this impeachment is creating a huge distraction so he can get these executive orders through. […] If you look at what he’s done on the energy sector, with the stroke of a pen, killed the keystone pipeline; with the stroke of a pen, stopped oil and gas leasing. That’s going to kill over a million American jobs. And at the same time, he opens the border and allows people to move in freely and compete for those new jobs that over a million American workers who are going to be out of a job need to fight for. And then from a safety standpoint… we’re going to be much less safe, much more pressure on jobs, and look at the coronavirus policy here… if you want to get in [illegally] through the southern border, no testing required. Again, it’s an issue of safety, it’s an issue of public health, and it’s the overarching issue of crushing our economy even further.”

Sen. Hagerty on Democrats’ anti-American worker agenda: “The left, the Democrats, are willing to put these socialist policies ahead of the average American worker. And when you see Biden taking these decisions that eliminate our energy independence, that we worked so hard to attain, that kills over a million additional jobs at a time when we’re trying to recover from a recession induced by this pandemic, when you see China benefitting from all of these actions we’re undertaking, I think the American people are going to see loud and clear that the Republican answer is the right answer that we have to go back to a strong America, a strong economy, and standing up to have a strong position in the world.”