Hagerty Puts Democrats on Record: None Support Regular Order, COVID-focused Relief without Pet Projects

March 6, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today forced Senate Democrats to acknowledge that they would rather jam through a partisan, socialist wish list that has very little to do with COVID relief than follow regular order and send the bill back to the respective committees of jurisdiction with a three-day deadline to actually help Americans most in need.

Hagerty’s motion to re-commit the bill failed with a vote of 49-50 with all Democrats opposing and all Republicans present supporting.

Hagerty’s Remarks As Prepared For Delivery:

“Mr. President, I am pleased to be joined by a host of my colleagues. The motions we are proposing are very simple and should attract wide support. Senators on both sides have said that this must be a bipartisan process, but so far, it isn’t.

“Not once did any of the 11 Senate committees with jurisdiction over relevant aspects of this legislation meet to consider it—not once. I am still new here, but what is the purpose of the Senate’s system of expert committees if—as we consider one of the largest spending packages ever before this body—we are just going to act as if those committees don’t exist.

“We are for pandemic relief. What we’re not for is a decade-long spending spree, rushed through this body, much of which has nothing to do with pandemic relief.

“Our motions would simply send the legislation back to committee—for three days—so it can be reviewed in a bipartisan manner. These motions would ensure that the legislation supports proven, bipartisan programs before launching new programs or spending more money on programs flush with cash. By mid-week, we would have bipartisan legislation, with committee input, that is targeted to timely pandemic relief for those in need.

“I urge my colleagues to support these motions.”