ICYMI— Hagerty Joins Varney & Co. to Talk $1.9 Trillion, Partisan Stimulus and 2022 Olympics

March 17, 2021

WASHINGTON – United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today joined Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network to discuss the $1.9 Trillion partisan stimulus package, the 2022 Olympics, and Iran.

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Partial Transcript below:

Hagerty on the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus: “The reason I opposed it, Stuart, is there’s so many other things in this bill that had nothing to do with the pandemic and had everything to do with the Democrats’ socialist wish list. They’re bailing out blue states. I don’t think Tennesseans should be paying for the poor mismanagement of these large cities and states. That’s what really is at the heart of this bill, and the reason that they’re out selling it, sort of like Nancy Pelosi saying you’ve got to pass the bill before you find out what’s in it. People didn’t know what’s in it, and I think if they did, they’d be appalled. Vice President Harris ought to be standing in front of a penitentiary because inmates are going to get these checks… Illegal immigrants are going to be entitled to these checks. I think it’s sending all the wrong messages and incentives… I think what’s going to happen is the impact of pouring all this economic stimulus into the economy is going to slow our economy down, it’s going to have a very negative impact in the long run… the negative implications of this will be felt. It’s also putting more debt on the backs of our children, and that’s really something that I think many, many people are troubled by.

Hagerty on the 2022 Olympics: “Well, China certainly wouldn’t be my choice for the Olympics. The human rights violations there, the genocide that’s taking place is very disturbing. I think we should use every bit of pressure and every lever that we can to get the Chinese to change their behavior. The Chinese Communist Party are oppressing their own people in incredibly negative ways. We should use the Olympics and every other lever we have to get them to change their behavior. I tell you what I am for though, and that’s for the Olympics to take place this summer in Japan. That’s a great opportunity, something I want to see happen. and as Japan recovers from the pandemic, I really hope that our athletes will have the opportunity to compete in Japan this summer.

Hagerty on the letter he sent to the Biden Admin on Iran: “The biggest concern I have about Iran is that we’re going to see the Biden administration take steps to appease them that’s only going to accelerate their malign behavior in the entire Middle East region. The administration is very eager to partner up with Europe to bring Iran to the table, but what does Iran want to do? They want to attack Americans, and they want to attack our allies in the Middle East, and I think we ought to take that into account. We need to take into account our allies in the Middle East including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and their concerns before we leap to the side of Europe and do things just that they want just because they want to be back in business with Iran.”