Hagerty Statement on Colin Kahl Requiring the Vice President’s Vote

April 21, 2021

WASHINGTON— United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN)— who requested the FBI conduct an immediate investigation into whether Colin Kahl, President Joe Biden’s nominee to be Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, improperly disclosed classified information— released the following statement after Senate Democrats required the Vice President to break a tie vote to advance Kahl’s deadlocked nomination to the Senate floor:

“Colin Kahl’s lack of judgment, and his reckless disregard for security protocols has resulted in a deadlocked Senate, requiring the Vice President of the United States to break the tie—the first time she’s been required to do so on a Biden nominee. Dr. Kahl’s disregard for our national security is disqualifying in the eyes of all Senate Republicans, and I once again strongly urge the White House to recognize their nominee’s weak standing in the eyes of 50 Senators and withdraw Dr. Kahl.”

Kahl will require two more floor votes to be confirmed by the Senate—a procedural cloture vote and final confirmation vote.