ICYMI—Hagerty joins America Reports to talk Middle East turmoil

May 19, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today joined America Reports on Fox News to discuss the Biden Administration’s failed foreign policy, Middle East turmoil, and President Biden’s call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

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Hagerty on Democrat’s support for Hamas over ally Israel: “This absolutely shouldn’t be a partisan issue, John, but I think it just shows how radicalized the Democrat party has been. This same sort of legislation passed the party a hundred percent unanimous two years ago, but now you have a party line vote by the Democrats against punishing Hamas, punishing those who are aggressively trying to kill innocent Israeli citizens right now. This should not be a partisan issue. Yet, they’re making everything a partisan issue, particularly with respect to our allies in the Middle East. It’s regretful.”

Hagerty on the Biden Administration’s failed Middle East strategy: “Well, it’s certainly a very bad conflation, if that. I think the Democrats are missing it at every point, they’re just tone deaf when it comes to their foreign policy. What we’ve seen is an appeasement of Iran. The Biden administration completely wasting the past four months, when they really had an opportunity to follow up on the momentum created by the previous administration with the Abraham Accords and really work hard to spread more peace in the Middle East. Instead they turned to Iran, tried to appease Iran, and really create the environment for Hamas to be emboldened. That’s what has caused this. All of those rockets coming from Hamas, from Gaza into Israel, are Iranian rockets. That’s what’s causing this right now. And the Biden Administration is pushing all the wrong leavers.”

Hagerty on Biden’s call with Netanyahu: “I find this incredible. The foreign policy principles here are very simple. You stand with your allies, and you stand up against your enemies. And what [Rep. Rashida] Talib is calling for here is absolutely the wrong sort of thing, and I cannot believe the Biden administration is actually cowtowing to this. To reach out to [Prime Minster Benjamin] Netanyahu and tell the victim to stand down while they’re being assaulted by terrorists, I think is really unrealistic. And if I were Benjamin Netanyahu, I would be looking for a sustainable deterrent right now. And I wouldn’t be listening to the advice of President Biden.”