ICYMI—Hagerty joins Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss Systematic Resettlement of Migrant Children into Tennessee

May 25, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) joined Your World With Neil Cavuto to discuss the lack of transparency coming from the Biden Administration on reports of migrants being flown into Tennessee in the middle of the night.

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Partial Transcript Below:

Hagerty on reports of migrants being flown into Chattanooga: “I’m pushing hard for transparency on this, and the Biden Administration is blocking us. You notice that they move these planes in in the dead of night. They’re coming in both by commercial airlines as well as private air. The planes that we found out about, at least, are landing after midnight… We hear they’re unaccompanied minors, but they could be adults. We are asking these questions right now. Are they vaccinated? Have they been vetted? What sort of people are moving through the state? What sort of people are residing and staying in the state? These are questions that need to be answered. You mentioned the [Tennessee] Governor’s response to the Biden Administration when they reached out and asked for permission. He said he wasn’t ready to accept these people… [T]his is going to overcrowd our schools, overwhelm our hospitals and overtax our public safety. We’ve got an important right to know what the Biden Administration is doing with these people they’re moving into our state.”

Hagerty on the border crisis’ impact on Tennessee: “We need to know who is moving into our cities. We need to be able to plan for this. We need to be able to address it. What do you say to the suburban household whose kids are already in an overcrowded school situation? How do we accommodate this? In fact, the people in Chattanooga have been told that they’re going to have to see more school students coming in. They’re going to have to accommodate these people moving into the school system, but we don’t know the numbers, we don’t know who, what grades. How do you plan in that environment? What will the hospitals do? They’re going to be overwhelmed again with these people coming into the system. Law enforcement, again, is going to have to deal with this. I talk with sheriffs every day in my home state. The crisis at the border, and again make no mistake, this is a part-and-product of the border crisis that the Biden Administration precipitated back in January. I warned then that this would happen. This is exactly what is happening. We’re seeing more flow of illegal drugs, more human trafficking. Our law enforcement is being overwhelmed in Tennessee. We’ve had more deaths from fentanyl poisoning since this border crisis has occurred. That’s why I went down to Guatemala and Mexico three weeks ago now, to get to the bottom of this. The Biden administration has yet to send [Vice President] Kamala Harris there.”