Hagerty Votes Against Not-Paid-For, Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Package Tied to Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Tax-and-Spend Spree

August 10, 2021

for and that Democrat leadership has reiterated is the gateway to their $3.5 trillion socialist transformation:

“This infrastructure package has been sold as completely paid-for. It’s not. According to the nonpartisan CBO, it will increase the deficit by at least $256 billion dollars. In addition, President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Schumer have repeatedly stated that enactment of this bill depends on enactment of Senator Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion pathway to socialism, to which Democrats will now immediately turn. I didn’t make many friends this weekend in Congress, but I didn’t come here to make friends. I came to fight for Tennesseans and the American taxpayer.”


On Thursday afternoon, the CBO released their analysis showing that the 2,700 page infrastructure package fell more than a quarter of a trillion dollars short of being “paid for”.  That night, and in spite of this news, several members of the Senate attempted to reach an agreement to accelerate final passage of the bill, but Hagerty objected, citing the recently released CBO score and the importance of ensuring that the bill received full scrutiny and consideration under the normal rules.

The Senate was then forced to follow regular order, holding a cloture vote on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Again, some members of the Senate attempted to reach another agreement on amendment votes followed by an accelerated final passage. Hagerty, who was clear he wanted the Senate to vote on any amendments offered, refused to consent to moving to final passage any sooner than regular order allows.

Hagerty exposed Democrats’ true intentions on Sunday for expediting final passage when he proposed that the Senate vote on 17 amendments, noting that he had no objection to voting on as many amendments as desired. Yet, Hagerty was immediately met by a Democrat objection as they refused to allow votes on amendments to improve the underlying bill, revealing that Democrats were, in fact, blocking consideration of amendments to this legislation.

Because of Hagerty’s efforts, this bill was not expedited and was instead voted on under regular order, the American people and his fellow Senators learned more about what’s truly in it, as well as how it is inextricably linked to Democrats’ tax-and-spend spree.