ICYMI—Hagerty joins Kudlow to Discuss His Refusal to Expedite Infrastructure Bill

August 10, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today joined Kudlow to discuss his refusal to expedite passage of the infrastructure bill to allow the American people the opportunity to learn what’s in the bill, and to discuss his opposition to Democrats’ $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend spree that will fundamentally transform America.

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on his refusal to expedite passage of infrastructure bill: “The past five days have been pretty lonely, but we’ve accomplished something. We didn’t get the result I wanted… it’s disappointing to me. But we did move some senators. And more importantly, we showed the American public that’s really in this bill. You know, Larry, when you and I served in the Trump Administration, we were criticized constantly about not respecting the institutions here in Washington. Yet when the Democrats come in… the first thing they do is move to federalize the elections, they try to pack the courts, and here, they were trying to stop the deliberative process. You know how it went down: A 2,700 page bill dropped on our desks with about six days before the CBO score came out. That was Thursday when we got the scoring on this bill that had been advertised that it would be paid for. Yet, we find out that it’s over a quarter of a trillion dollars in the hole. What’s the response to that? Well, the Senate Majority Leader wants to move immediately to accelerate passage of it that night. They wanted to sweep it under the table, put some bi-partisan momentum in place so they could move really what their great goal is, and that’s this $3.5 trillion spend-a-thon that they’re underway with right now. What I did was say ‘no, we’re going to deliberate this’. The Senate is the greatest deliberative body, we’re going to take a hard look at this, and I would not agree to accelerate it. And I’ve heard from people in Tennessee and all around the nation, how much they appreciate the fact that we’ve let them see what’s in this bill.

Hagerty on putting pressure on moderate House Democrats: “By stopping this, by slowing it down for the past five days, I think we’ve put an immense amount of pressure on the moderate Democrats in the House who are in swing districts. They’re going to have a much harder time moving forward with this now that their constituents know what’s in this bill.” ###