ICYMI—Hagerty joins America Reports to talk Democrats’ Reckless Spending, Socialism

August 12, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today joined America Reports to discuss the damaging effects of Democrats’ reckless spending and push toward socialism.

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Partial Transcript:

Hagerty on preserving America: “[President Trump] certainly is with me in this, and feels that this is an abomination in terms of pushing us toward socialism. America is the most exceptional nation in the world. We’ve got a free enterprise system that’s helped us make it that way. And what this new bill does, particularly this $3.5 trillion package that has been drafted by, you know who Bernie Sanders. I mean, this is pushing us over the cliff toward socialism. I think President Trump feels the same way I do. We need to preserve what’s great about America so that our children have the same sort of opportunities that our parents left for us, John, not worse.”

Hagerty on Democrats’ big government policies: “This is about taking away our freedom. This is about more and more government control and dependency. The government wants to take care of us from cradle to grave in this bill, starting out with pre-K care, free childcare—the government will pay for everything. But the amount of debt our children and our grandchildren will have to shoulder for this, it’s enormous. We continue to pile this on. We continue to raise taxes. We’re going to crush the economy with the sort of taxes that are going to be required to affect this. They’ve already said so. Corporate tax rates going up, death taxes going up, so you can’t transfer a farm or a small business to your next generation. They’re going to kill capital formation here. They’re going to kill the fossil fuel industry. There’s thousands and thousands of jobs right there. They’re going to make America less competitive and China will laugh all the way to the bank.”

Hagerty on Biden’s energy policies: “The President’s policies here in America make our oil prices go through the roof. That has an inflationary impact, John, on everything. Every good and service that we have to buy has to be transported. And the fact that prices are up at the pump, tremendously high, that is having an effect that’s not transitory. This is going to have a long range effect. So it’s really amazing to me to see them talk out of one side of his mouth here in America, making us less competitive and more dependent on very high cost, energy sources, and then encouraging OPEC and Nord Stream 2 to bail them out.”

Hagerty on socialism: “It tells me that the talking points that the Democrats are using are all about socialism. But I hope that the Democrat public will look at what’s happening in Cuba right now, look to Venezuela. Spend any time in Communist China lately? Look, what’s happening in Hong Kong, what’s happening to the Uyghur population. They do not want what they think they may want. This would lead us to devastation of the American economy, as we know it and our society. I hope that they wake up and set aside the talking points that are being amplified in the media, and really look to what the policy is delivered because Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China—that’s the example that they need to be looking toward.”