ICYMI—Hagerty Joins The Ingraham Angle to Discuss Supply Chains, Communist China, and Biden’s Failures

October 1, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) yesterday joined The Ingraham Angle to discuss supply chains, Communist China, and President Biden’s failures, including making the United States less energy independent, sending more U.S. jobs abroad, creating crippling inflation, and enabling IRS overreach.

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Hagerty on the critical importance of having a strong domestic manufacturing base: “You did a wonderful job of laying out the rationale for what’s hollowed out our manufacturing sector over the past couple of decades. And it’s been policies on both the Republican and the Democrats that have done it. Things changed in 2017 when President Trump came into office we finally had somebody that was willing to stand up to communist China, and you know how they compete—they steal intellectual property, they heavily subsidize industries, they block unlimited access to their own markets, they don’t play on the same set of rules. And President Trump stepped up and made a real difference there. He also made a huge difference here domestically. He made the United States a much better place to invest and create jobs. I’m talking about deregulation, making us energy independent, as you pointed out so clearly. The Tax Act of 2017 that set off a boom here in America, a blue-collar boom that brought more and more jobs back from overseas. Companies begin to de-risk their supply chain from China.”

Hagerty on how Democrats’ climate ‘solutions’ strengthen China: “We know where those wind turbines and solar panels are made. This is advantage right back to China. They kill our industry here, again making us more vulnerable to countries that do not have our best interests of at heart. China wins in this scenario.”

Hagerty on how Biden’s policies have failed to address supply chain issues and are forcing jobs overseas: “Their policies are absolutely cutting the exact wrong way, just as you say. They make us less energy independent, they make us more vulnerable to countries like China for our energy source. They incentivize unemployment, they do everything they can to create more government dependency and give people less rational to go back to work—that’s why we have this employment shortage across the nation. Now they are talking about taxing corporations and job creators to a point that no one will want to move here. They are going to incentivize jobs moving yet again back overseas with the policies they’re putting forward.”

Hagerty on Biden’s IRS overreach: “It feels a lot like Communist China surveillance doesn’t it? They’re going to insert themselves in every aspect of American lives. People don’t want this. My constituents are letting me know very clearly, they are deeply concerned about the overreach of this Administration. You talk about the financial transactions and the oversight there. Think about what’s happened just this year when the Biden Administration, when the IRS released private taxpayer information to ProPublica. No one has paid the price for this, yet they’re putting confidential taxpayer information to attack their enemies. The public is very concerned about this in the last thing we should be doing is giving them even more access to our private information.”