ICYMI—Hagerty Joins The Evening Edit to Discuss the Radical Anti-Worker Provisions Hidden Within Dems’ Tax-And-Spend Package

October 27, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) yesterday joined Liz MacDonald on The Evening Edit to discuss the radical provisions and corporate special interests giveaways tucked within Democrats’ dangerous spending bill. This includes a provision that would enable IRS overreach, as well as a provision that would give Big Tech an unlimited supply of cheaper foreign labor, which not only reduces job opportunities for Americans but reduces wages by increasing the labor supply.

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on Democrats enabling IRS overreach: “Whether it’s $600 or whether it’s $10,000—Americans do not want the IRS snooping in their accounts. I just had Treasury Secretary [Janet] Yellen before me at the end of last month, what we heard from her was very disserving. I asked her what will you do to make certain that this information is kept safe? We saw what happened when taxpayer information was given to ProPublica earlier this year during the Biden Administration. They did this to attack their political enemies. What’s to keep this from happening again? Her answers were very unsatisfactory. I think the American public is right to be deeply concerned.”

Hagerty on Democrats’ big-government socialism: “…take a look at what’s happening in our economy right now. Inflation is runaway. The last thing we need is more government spending. And what they’re trying to do is implement this massive big-government socialist program. Bernie Sanders has said it: They want to transform America. This is not what the American public wants. They don’t want to be snooped upon [by the IRS] to make it happen. They do not want the socialist programs that are embedded in this.”

Hagerty on the importance of discussing the provisions hidden in this bill: “How many times is Joe Biden going to bring Joe Manchin down to his mansion on the beach? They’re not making any progress with this because it is essentially a terrible bill, and moderate Democrats are waking up to this fact. The more that you and I can talk about this, Liz, the more the American public can wake up to these hidden proposals that are buried in this bill, and the deeper the chances are that this will never make it.”

Hagerty on the radical giveaways to Big Tech that will hurt American workers: “With respect to the letter I sent to Bernie Sanders—again, this is one of these hidden components of this massive 2,500 plus page bill. What we found out is that they actually blow the lid off of green cards. They’re going to allow an unlimited number of workers to come in and get green cards at these Big Tech corporations. What they’re going to do is take away the opportunity that our kids need to find their way into high-paying, high-tech jobs. I was just in Memphis last week talking with community leaders there encouraging them to get middle school students, high school students engaged in STEM education so they could take advantage of high-tech opportunities. Yet, this bill would allow these companies to hire foreign workers to come in and basically skim right off the top, work for lower wages and take this opportunity from American children. They’re putting the American dream in the rearview mirror.”

Hagerty on Biden attending the climate summit: “This is just more misplaced priorities. Look, after the debacle in Afghanistan, Joe Biden has seriously disappointed his friends in the European club, so to speak. So he’s looking to basically sell the American economy out. To show up there so he can say, ‘Look, I’m going to destroy the American economy, but I’ve got this Green New Deal to present to you.’ So he can join the socialist club of Europe I presume, but he’s going to do that at the expense of the American economy. I don’t think the public is going to stand for this.”

Hagerty on Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan: “It’s a debacle of epic proportions. People are going to feel the embarrassment of this—the failure of this Administration—for years to come. It goes back to Jimmy Carter’s days until you could see something as bad as this occur, it’s even worse than that. People are going to remember this for a long time.”