ICYMI—Hagerty Joins The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton to Discuss Biden Failures, Status of Democrats’ Big-Government Socialism Bill

November 1, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) yesterday joined The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton on Fox News to discuss the failures of the Biden Administration and how he is continuing to push back on Democrats’ big-government socialism bill just as he did with the so-called infrastructure bill.

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on Biden’s failures: “You talk about the death of a presidency. Well, this has all been by self-inflicted wounds. You know it’s fitting that we’re talking here on Halloween Eve, because you think about what the Biden Administration has done—it’s been all tricks for the American public. Whether it’s collapsing our border, as you mentioned, Afghanistan and the debacle there that’s embarrassed America and cost American lives and Afghan lives. The destruction of our economy—inflation, gas prices, you name it. He’s put us in such a precarious position around the world. I think that the American public is looking at just what you articulated, shaking its head and saying all tricks and no treats from this Administration.”

Hagerty on pushing back on Democrats’ big-government socialism: “It’s hard to say. I worked very hard on that back at the first instance, when I stood up against that bill. I think you remember the history of that, Steve—2,700 pages plus that was dumped on us. People didn’t know what was in the bill. When the scoring came through again, it was promised to be paid for. It turns out that it was over a quarter of a trillion dollars in the red, in the hole. There are many things in that bill that had nothing to do with hard infrastructure. At least what you or I would call hard infrastructure. I think it turned out to be 23 percent hard infrastructure. The rest of it, basically a doorway into this big, massive social spending plan that they’re fighting over right now. It’s got Green New Deal provisions in it. They’re basically trying to destroy the fossil fuel industry, as you know. This is going to be devastating to our economy if it should pass. I think the American public had an opportunity to wake up. First when I stopped the bill, when we pushed back hard, several of my colleagues moved over, but not enough. I promised back then though, that what this was going to become was the hostage that Nancy Pelosi and the liberals in her party would use to force those people that voted for the so-called bipartisan bill to come on board with this massive social spending plan that Bernie Sanders has authored.”