Hagerty Responds to Rep. Cori Bush’s Absurd Accusations Against Sen. Manchin

November 2, 2021

*Link to tweet and video clip here *

Hagerty: “[Rep. Bush’s accusations against Sen. Manchin] underscores the fact that she doesn’t know what’s in the bill… If you just look at this green card provision, blowing the cap off of green cards, allowing an unlimited number of foreign workers to come in here for a decade to stay here permanently for the rest of their lives hurts just the demographic that you’re talking about. It hurts young people. It hurts black people. It hurts women. It hurts Hispanics more than anyone. It’s taking those opportunities for them to move into STEM education jobs right away from them. It’s going to keep them trapped. You know, if they [Democrats] would read what’s in this bill, perhaps they would stop this rhetoric.”