ICYMI—Hagerty Joins Mornings with Maria to Discuss Democrats’ Big-Government Socialism Bill

November 2, 2021

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) today joined Mornings With Maria on Fox Business to discuss the Democrats’ efforts to ram through their dangerous spending spree and the radical provisions they’ve hidden within it.

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on Dems’ playbook of holding the so-called “infrastructure bill” hostage to ram through their radical tax-and-spend spree: “I think it’s going to be very difficult, Maria. As you saw yesterday, Joe Manchin’s frustration with this is palpable. It’s something I’ve been predicting, though, since August of this past year. If you look at what the Democrats did and what they’ve been signaling all along, they created their hostage with this so-called infrastructure bill. But the whole point of this hostage was to use it as a way to force moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin, like Kyrsten Sinema, and others to vote for this massive socialization of America, tax-and-spending spree that they’ve been talking about. That’s been the plan all along. Biden signaled it. Pelosi has signaled it. Chuck Schumer is going along with it. Now that they’re trying to push it through, you’ve seen the most-left members of the House really press this hard, linking the bills. Again, this is what I said would happen back in August. That’s playing itself out and this is not the way to do business, as Joe Manchin said, but this is what they’re trying to play.”

Hagerty on the radical provisions hidden within this spending bill: “Where we find ourselves, particularly with this massive tax-and-spend spree that the Democrats are pushing through now, is the zone that we were in back when Obamacare came through. You’ve got to pass it to find out what’s in it. This is not where we need to be right now. I think that underscores the frustration that Joe Manchin was showing yesterday.”

Hagerty on the radical green card provisions for Big Tech that will undermine American workers: “Absolutely, Maria. I’m sure the corporate lobbyists are just thrilled with this. No Democrats are coming out to support this. I think perhaps one member of the House, but what we’ve seen is basically silence from Bernie Sanders when we uncovered this. But what they want to do is basically blow the cap off of green cards for a decade and allow permanent residency here in America to bring in cheap foreign labor at a time when I’ve been back home in Memphis—my own state—encouraging young people to get STEM degrees, to really strive and reach hard for these jobs of tomorrow. They require technology education. We want to have these jobs for our youth. We don’t want to give our youth’s future to foreign workers that are going to come here and work on the cheap.”

Hagerty on Rep. Cori Bush’s absurd accusation that Sen. Manchin is somehow racist for not supporting the bill: “[This] underscores the fact that [Congresswoman Cori Bush] doesn’t know what’s in the bill—going back to the piece that Maria and I just discussed. If you just look at this green card provision, blowing the cap off of green cards, allowing an unlimited number of foreign workers to come in here for a decade to stay here permanently for the rest of their lives hurts just the demographic that you’re talking about. It hurts young people. It hurts black people. It hurts women. It hurts Hispanics more than anyone. It’s taking those opportunities for them to move into STEM education jobs right away from them. It’s going to keep them trapped. You know, if they [Democrats] would read what’s in this bill, perhaps they would stop this rhetoric.”

Hagerty on whether there will be a vote this week on Dems’ radical spending bill: “Maria, the more we talk about this bill, the more difficult it becomes for Democrats to push it through. I do not think anything happens this week. I think right now today, all eyes are on Virginia. What you’re seeing happen there is a repudiation of Joe Biden’s policies. [Terry] McAuliffe tries to nationalize the election and his numbers crater as a result of that. You’re going to see Joe Biden come back after his apology tour in Europe. This is not going to be a nice return for him because what he’s done is precipitated crisis, after crisis, after crisis here in America. The American public are fed up with it. You look at Biden’s polling, he’s crashing in the polls. So I think it’s going to be very difficult for them to come and show any momentum whatsoever. I’m with you—Thanksgiving at the earliest, and it could well be that this doesn’t happen this year.”