Hagerty, Boozman, Colleagues Introduce Legislation Blocking Biden from Deploying Veterans Resources to Southern Border

April 26, 2022

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) has joined Senator John Boozman (R-AR) and nine other colleagues in introducing legislation to block the Biden Administration from diverting veterans resources to manage the crisis at the southern border. The bill would prevent the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants over our nation’s veterans as the Administration expects a surge at the southern border after the Trump-era immigration policy Title 42 is lifted.

“Frantically redirecting critical veterans resources to our southern border as a so-called solution to a preventable crisis is the latest example of the Biden Administration prioritizing illegal immigrants over the needs of American citizens—and in this case, the needs of citizens who have defended our country and freedoms,” said Senator Hagerty. “This legislation will make certain the care of our nation’s heroes is not compromised because of an offensive knee-jerk decision by this Administration.”

“Veterans should not bear the burden of President Biden’s disastrous immigration policy,” said Senator Boozman. “Moving resources away from serving the needs of our veterans to supporting a foreseeable and avoidable crisis at our southern border is unacceptable. Our legislation ensures the care and services for the men and women who bravely fought for our country are prioritized over illegal immigrants.”

Text of the legislation can be found here.