ICYMI—Hagerty Joins Mornings With Maria on Fox Business to Discuss Colorado Ruling, Biden Impeachment, Houthis

December 20, 2023

NEW YORK CITY—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), a member of the Senate Banking and Foreign Relations Committees and former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, today joined Mornings With Maria on Fox Business in studio to discuss the Colorado State Supreme Court’s ruling to remove President Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot, the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, and the Houthis’ repeated attacks in the Red Sea that are enabled by the Biden Administration’s appeasement of Iran and refusal to redesignate the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on the Colorado State Supreme Court’s ruling to remove Trump from the ballot: “After going through all of HR.1 and S.1 in the last Congress, and the histrionics of the Democrat Party about enfranchising voters, we have a ruling here that would disenfranchise half of Colorado. Alan Dershowitz did a great job in the previous hour of shooting holes in this legal argument; there’s been no due process here at all. This is a blatant political decision. I think the American public is going to see right through it. I was with President [Donald] Trump on Monday. Every week that passes the public sees more and more of the desperation of the Biden Administration. The fact that they’re losing in the polls leads to results like this, and they have literally no interest in the democratic process. You hear threat after threat about Donald Trump and the democratic process being under threat. The real threat is rulings just like this […] As long as he [President Trump] keeps fighting for the American people, the American people are going to support him. That’s precisely the reason he’s being attacked, because the establishment is deeply uncomfortable by a disruptor. He’s an outsider; he’s a businessman. He’s been successful in New York real estate […] It’s amazing how deeply they are afraid of him because he represents transformational change. I think they’re very comfortable with the status quo and with the disproportionate power that they enjoy in Washington. He represents transformational change, and the American public see that and want this transformation.”

Hagerty on a potential Supreme Court ruling to overturn the Colorado ruling: “I think it’s got to go to the Supreme Court. It’ll happen quickly, and what the last commentator said, this does show the complete animosity of the Democrat party. They’re willing to do anything, stop at nothing, and I think the Supreme Court is going to have to put its foot down. Interestingly, the Democrats have been laying the predicate to contaminate the Supreme Court, to try to somehow dissuade the American public from trusting the Supreme Court. But they have to do their job.”

Hagerty on the comparison between Trump and Biden policies: “I think from [President] Joe Biden’s perspective, he’s realizing, day after day, he can’t [beat President Trump]. On the policies, policy after policy, he falls far behind Trump. When a simple question is asked: Am I better off today than I was four or five years ago? The answer is overwhelmingly no. Joe Biden’s policies fail. If you look at what’s happened to our border, if you look at the fentanyl coming into our country, if you look at crime in the cities, if you look at the disgraceful behavior that we’ve had, whether it’s Afghanistan, the war that’s now outbroken in Ukraine, what’s happening in the Middle East, Joe Biden is losing control. The American public can see it. They don’t have an argument from a policy standpoint. The only thing I think they see as a path to get to the White House, again, is to destroy their opposition.”

Hagerty on Biden DOJ attempts to cover up the Biden family corruption investigation: “I wonder why the [Department of Justice] has then decided it was important to cover up what’s happened. Because in April of last year, [Attorney General] Merrick Garland was testifying to me, on the record, when I asked him if he was taking any effort to involve himself in the investigation. And he said, ‘absolutely not.’ Whistleblowers came forward after that and said, ‘what Merrick Garland said was not true.’ In fact, the DOJ put its finger on the scale in many ways, trying to cover up this investigation, trying to divert it. What you’ve seen is them allow the statute of limitations to run out on more serious charges. The evidence is mounting. I think everybody in America knows who the big guy is, too. So, as the evidence comes forward, this is looking very, very bad for Joe Biden. Again, a lot of deflection going on here, but we have got a serious problem in this […] The source of the money is not just somebody next door. It’s China. It’s Russia. It’s Ukraine […] It’s almost laughable; it’s so ridiculous. And if anybody else said [the money was a loan from China] without the protection of the DOJ and the media, they would not get away with it.”

Hagerty on the Biden Administration removing the Houthis from the Foreign Terrorist Organization list to appease Iran: “I’m deeply concerned about this, and I’ve invested, I’ve participated in the insurance and reinsurance markets in my private sector career—I’m deeply concerned about the impact of insuring maritime cargo around the world. We cannot lose control of the Red Sea, and what we’ve seen is Biden comes in, lifts the Houthis from the terrorist watch list. By April of 2021, the Houthis have already fired on the Saudis […] The only thing I can explain is that they’re [the Biden Administration] trying to appease Iran. Again, the Biden Administration comes in, does everything they can to get back into the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], the failed Iran deal. This is all about appeasing Iran. Iran would not have the ability to do this right now were we enforcing the sanctions that were imposed on Iran under the Maximum Pressure Campaign that President Trump put in place. We had taken Iran’s capital accounts down to below $8 billion. The Houthis, the Hezbollah were widely reported as being broke.”