Senate Democrats Vote Against Hagerty’s Amendment Barring Federal Funds From Being Used to Secretly Fly Illegal Aliens Into the Country

March 23, 2024

Senate Democrats banded together to ensure Biden can continue resettlement of unlimited numbers of illegal immigrants in all 50 states at taxpayer expense

WASHINGTON—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today spoke on the Senate floor and forced a vote on his amendment to the pending appropriations bill that would prohibit taxpayer funds from being used to secretly fly illegal aliens from other nations directly into states across the country for resettlement.

Recent reporting revealed that, in 2023, the Biden Administration flew at least 320,000 illegal aliens into the U.S. in order to deliberately resettle them in American communities while, at the same time, artificially reducing the record-breaking number of border crossings happening under its watch. Yet, all Senate Democrats voted against advancing Hagerty’s amendment. The vote was 51-47.

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Remarks as prepared for delivery:

In order to consider my very simple and reasonable amendment, it is vital that the Senate move the Democrat Leader’s blocking amendment out of the way—in order to move forward with my amendment.

Let me cut through the procedural language here—this is a vote on a very simple question.  Do you support Americans’ tax dollars being used to fly illegal aliens into the United States from places like Venezuela and Haiti—to be resettled in towns and cities near you?  If so, then vote against me.  Vote ‘no’ to preserve the practice of using taxpayer dollars to charter planes and import thousands of illegal aliens into your states.

Make no mistake: President Biden has been secretly flying hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from foreign countries into blue-city airports.  Reportedly 320,000 in 2023 alone.

Americans are shocked this is happening, and a ‘yes’ vote will stop it.  A ‘no’ vote means you are voting to preserve Biden’s egregious scheme to import hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens each year through airports across America.