ICYMI—Hagerty Joins Kudlow on Fox Business to Discuss Biden’s Failed Policies, Senate Democrats Blocking Amendments to Stop Illegal Immigration

March 27, 2024

NEW YORK CITY—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Appropriations Committees, today joined Kudlow on Fox Business live in-studio to discuss President Joe Biden’s failed policies that have created national security threats, as well as every Senate Democrat blocking his two amendments to stop record-high illegal immigration.

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on Truth Social going public: “I think they also know they won’t get hammered by censorship, which we see at really disturbing levels here in the United States, particularly on social media. So, I think the platform does offer something very interesting. I haven’t done an analysis of this, but I would say this: the pop that it received today underscores to me that the American public are behind President [Donald] Trump. They see the potential in him, and his future, and what he’s willing to put his name on.”

Hagerty on the stark difference between successful Trump policies and failed Biden policies: “Joe Biden is providing an incredible backdrop for President Trump to talk about issues and policies that worked. We’ve already seen it before. We had the most secure border that we’ve seen under President Trump, and with 94 executive orders in his first hundred days, Joe Biden tore it all apart. Now we have a catastrophe that everyone, everyone sees this catastrophe in America at our southern border. Frankly, our adversaries around the world see it too. They’re pumping people in here, right, left and center. We don’t know who these people are. But the Biden Administration has precipitated the greatest national security crisis I think we’ve ever faced. And we’re just very deeply concerned about what may happen, but Biden has done this, as President Trump mentioned just a few minutes ago, the situation in Afghanistan was an incredible disgrace. We’ve basically found ourselves now in two hot wars in the Middle East and in Ukraine. That was not the case under Donald Trump. We stood strong as a nation. He built a strong economy here that allowed us to build a strong posture, militarily and diplomatically, around the world. We were respected under President Trump, and we will be again. I think he can make that case very clearly to the American people.”

Hagerty on every Senate Democrat blocking his amendments to stop illegal immigration: “We got right up to the edge of a government shutdown. It looked like [Senator] Chuck Schumer was willing to shut the government down rather than take the vote on this. Finally, at the very last minute, he capitulated, and every single Democrat in the United States Senate voted to continue to use taxpayer funding…to fly illegal immigrants here to the United States of America. 320,000 came in last year alone. These are immigrants that are being recruited in Cuba, in Haiti, in Venezuela, in Columbia. They’re being flown directly in here over our border, so they don’t have to cross our border. They’re coming directly into 43 airports here in America. The Biden Administration, of course, won’t say which airports, but I can only imagine it will be blue cities. Because what they’re trying to do is backfill, because, again, every Democrat two weeks prior voted against my attempt to try to stop counting illegal migrants for the purposes of apportioning congressional districts and electoral votes. They want to keep counting these illegals.”

Hagerty on Biden and Democrats’ incentive to encourage illegal immigration: “The U.S. government’s very adept at using these [Non-Government Organizations], almost like a money laundering machine, to basically hire these NGOs to do what the U.S. government doesn’t want to get its fingerprints on. But make no mistake, Joe Biden is behind this—they’re bringing 30,000 people a month in using their CBP app—they’re doing this to recruit these people in these local jurisdictions. And again, it was made evident right here in Brooklyn, a congresswoman here, actually Chuck Schumer’s old congressional district, and she said that she needed these illegal migrants to retain her district. She’s worried about the outflow of people from New York; they’re backfilling with these illegal migrants that they can then count for the purposes of allocating congressional districts and electoral votes.”

Hagerty on Biden’s reversal of Trump’s strong national security policies: “It’s amazing…how many times I have to explain to people from overseas what President Trump’s policies really are because the media are trying to paint this dystopian picture of some sort of chaos that would emerge. We are living in chaos right now with Joe Biden. There’s no way this is a normal state of the United States of America. We need go back to the policies that Trump put in place. President Trump got our economy moving strong. From a national security standpoint, our adversaries respected us. Our adversaries feared us, and our allies decided it was best to stand with us. Even if he had to press them, like in [the North Atlantic Treaty Organization], to step up to pull their weight. It worked. It happened, and we saw a much safer world. Now we have hot wars going on in two jurisdictions, more concerned from a national security standpoint than I think we could ever imagine in all of this, thanks to Joe Biden again, collapsing our border and doing everything he can to destroy our economy.”