ICYMI—Hagerty Joins Mornings With Maria on Fox Business to Discuss Biden’s Appeasement of Iran, Pro-Hamas College Protests

May 7, 2024

NASHVILLE, TN—United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), a member of the Senate Appropriations and Foreign Relations Committees, yesterday joined Mornings With Maria on Fox Business to discuss President Joe Biden’s appeasement of Iran and its proxies, along with the college protests on campuses across the nation.

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Partial Transcript

Hagerty on Biden holding shipments to Israel: “It’s very disturbing. I’ve seen the same reports that you have. We’ve inquired to the State Department to determine the veracity of these reports. But if it’s true, I think it’s quite disturbing. And frankly, it’s not surprising. The Biden Administration has been using both-sidesism here. They’re basically saying we support Israel, [and] at the same time, they’re doing everything they can to support Hamas. I don’t see them imposing any sorts of constraints when they relax the sanctions on Iran, no constraints at all when they help our adversaries. But here we are with our only real ally in the Middle East, and the Biden Administration is imposing constraint after constraint, trying to dictate what happens politically within that country and now trying to dictate the terms of war on the ground. Rafah has a tough situation; they need to step back and allow the Israelis to do what they know to do to deal with this.”

Hagerty on Israel’s right to defend itself: “It’s like a split screen TV here. What’s happening in Israel is what needs to happen, and the Israeli people support this. Far and away, the Israeli people support what [Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu is executing. We should not have [Senator] Chuck Schumer and [President] Joe Biden trying to insert themselves into domestic politics there in Israel. They should simply be supporting our ally. What’s happening here in America is quite a different story. What you have is a great focus by this White House in what’s happening in Michigan and Minnesota. They’re very much focused on the November elections. They’re appeasing these radicals on college campuses, whatever they need to do to somehow support and appease these Hamas protestors here in America because they’re concerned about this very fragile coalition that Joe Biden is trying to put together for November 2024.”

Hagerty on the Biden Admin attempting to bring Gazans to the U.S.: “This Administration is incapable of maintaining our own southern border. We’ve got people on the terrorist watch list that are walking across our southern border every day. The thought that the Biden Administration could properly vet these people coming from Gaza, where 70 percent of the citizens of Gaza support what Hamas did on October the seventh, I think it is very hard to imagine that we’re not going to see even more introduction of people that would be a danger to our national security if the Biden Administration goes through with this $3.5 billion plan that they announced the minute the Senate approved the last major bill that came through the Congress.”

Hagerty on the college protests across the nation: “I think it’s quite disturbing to Americans to see what’s happening on our college campuses, not all college campuses of course, but the illustration that you just gave with respect to George Washington University, the grandfather of our nation, George Washington, having his statue defaced. This is happening in campus after campus after campus. And when we learn that it’s organized, I don’t know why Americans should be surprised in any respect. People like George Soros have been fomenting descent in America for years. We do have foreign agitators as well. People like Hansjörg Wyss, [a] Swiss billionaire, who is doing everything he can to distort American elections. Again, it’s interesting that this type of thing happens before major presidential election years. You go back to 2012 with Occupy Wall Street, you know the [Black Lives Matter] riots that took place in 2020, and here we are today. I think that the American public ought to be very disturbed; we ought to investigate this. And rather than have the FBI go after parents that attend PTA meetings and perhaps complain about mask mandates and that type of thing, they should be focused on exactly what’s happening here in America and who’s behind it.”