Hagerty Op-ed: The U.S. must do more to help Israel, its strongest Middle Eastern ally

Iran-backed Palestinian terrorists are launching indiscriminate attacks that kill innocents while the terrorists shield themselves behind civilians — a familiar and predictable pattern. In response, Israel is rightly exercising its sovereign and inherent right to defend itself and its people, but the United States must do more to help its strongest Middle Eastern ally.

Hagerty Op-ed: Action To Stem the Crisis at Our Southern Border Cannot Wait

One of the biggest security, economic and humanitarian challenges to our nation is raging, but Vice President Kamala Harris continues to prevaricate as coyotes and cartels enrich themselves, transporting record numbers of illegal immigrants and record quantities of deadly illicit drugs. There is a chaotic crisis at our southern border, and now is not the time to shirk from leadership.

Hagerty-McMaster Op-ed: Biden Must Reverse Course on Iran – Before It’s Too Late

Media outlets around the world recently reported on leaked audio comments in which Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif admitted that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps controls all of Iran’s foreign policy decisions. Although President Joe Biden was careful to mention neither Zarif nor Iran in his speech before Congress last month, Zarif’s embarrassingly candid revelations have direct implications for Biden’s entire Iran policy: namely, it underscores that reducing economic sanctions in order to moderate the Iranian regime cannot work.